Sunday, June 8, 2014

If there is will yes there is a way!

Always I have the passion for writing, any thoughts that come to my mind, I wish I had that written. I soon gave more thoughts on my writing urge might be due to lack of confidence in remembering things that I wish to pen down or the pride in showcasing to others that I have so much of letters recorded down. I am certainly unsure. Despite all the big letters I had typed to showcase my writing passion, I hardly write these days. My mind was flooded with thoughts, I rarely find myself concentrating in anything. Literally zilch. Either I be uncontrollably happy or extremely depressed, pity of the Almighty who gets entangled in my world of emotions. But what is the solution, how to make things work?

There are three ways to make what we think to do. We have a positive and negative personality. For example, At night we wish to wake up at 5.00 in the morning and in the morning we wish to wake up late. Number one change that we need to do it for our self is personality change, a change which cannot happen in a day time. Whenever there is a thought that raises against the commitment, never encourage or immedietly ignore it. This requires a lot of will power. Same example, we wish to wake up early in the morning, but in the morning we wish to sleep for more time, whenever the thought of sleeping for a while hits your brain cells, ignore it, get away from the bed. Though it the hardest task for me, but if I win it I can win over anything. Number two is how much committed we are to the task we wish to do, is it our burning desire or it is a time pass thing or we do it because others do it or we do it because we have no other go. If we need to do the task because of the all later cases then we always would like to procrastinate but when it is a burning desire that flares from inside then we will have the real commitment for it. Number third is never procrastinate your work or never sit idle. Brain is a muscle that need to be exercised all the time. Like how our body needs regular meal and exercise to keep it fit and healthy our brain also needs that kind of meal and exercise. Avoid negative inputs to the mind and concentrate on the positive, by building a healthy mind we can make it do things at our disposal without any delay. Like how we need to protect our body from too much sun, snow or rain or any other ills things that affects the body we need to protect our brain from the filth like stress giving thoughts, anger, jealous, covet and getting stressed over nothing. By being a extremely positive personality and confident person one can become a no-stress -cool person. If we have a problem, worrying about the problem will intensify the negative junk accumulated in the brain, so start working on the solution. Always working on the solution for the problems rather than worrying about the problems will make us a positive confident person, though these all are not a day change, but eventually in a period of time, we will realize the power we got by taking these few steps.

This article had many turns, started with chiding on my laziness and making the line of to-do so big and going in to how to make things really work and becoming a powerful personality.

Would like to end my article with my favorite say - Where there is will there is a way!

Friday, March 23, 2012


It is been quite a long time I wrote a Blog. Since that time there was quite a huge transformation in and out me.

I learnt one Big thing. How to make something work , let it be anything our Goal or our work or our desire to do something or about our family or anything that we aspire for.

Just get to know the problem and solutions, slowly confidence will be imbibed inside, it will one day break the fear.

Just a small example I want to relate, i.e. I drive by myself.

Just a week before, I was praying God will I drive by my own in my life or not. Am used to the techniques, I am used to self drive, everything am used but still I was not able to take up.

Though many other days I drove by myself, still I did not get the grip or confidence.

That day when I drive by myself was a Ice breaker, with the driver I went to office and came.

From next day I started driving by myself, no more dependency.

How this happened.

1) Confidence with knowledge about problems and solutions.
2) Confidence to face problems.
3) Confidence to apply solution on board.
4) Confidence to accept mistake and add to the knowledge of experience.
5) Confidence to explore.

The above five will work for anything.

That is a great Knowledge I acquired.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Complete philosopher - A self composition

Complete philosopher - A self composition

May be it was easy for you to say and unsay
May be it was easy for you to forgive and punish
May be it was easy for you to be reasonable and eccentric
May be it was easy for you to love and hate
May be it was easy for you to care and ignore
May be it was easy for you to appreciate and disregard
May be it was easy for you to mistake and understand
May be it was easy for you to express more and less
May be it was easy for you to clarify and be obscure
May be it was easy for you to be unconventional and exceptional
May be it was easy for you to change and accept or accept and change
May be it was easy for you to console and hurt
May be it was easy for you to convince and wound
May be it was easy for you to be stubborn and compromise
May be it was easy for you to attach and detach
May be it was easy for you to mend and break
May be it was easy for you to be true and feign


All your may be ‘ease’s’
Made me understand the difficulty of easy
Made me understand the distance of the nearness 
Made me understand the depth of shallow
Made me understand the darkness of light
Made me understand the odor of the fragrance
Made me understand the life of death
Made me understand the poverty of the comfort
Made me understand the significance of the insignificance
Made me understand the no of yes
Made me understand the pain of love
Made me understand the cry of the laughter


Now I am an intelligent average
Now I am a perfect balanced contradict optimist
Now I am an energetic meek
Now I am the healthy endure
Now I am the silent speaker

And yes

Now I am a philosopher, having understood the difficult philosophy by your effortless efforts. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rabindranath Tagore - A real Icon

Just started studying about Rabindranath tagore - the Nobel prize laureate, who played the dynamic roles of a philosopher, teacher, Freedom fighter and so many, whose life time is full of achievements - a model for all people who crave for an identity - more to come about him.

Read these lines today , just impacted me a lot.

The song that I came to sing remains unsung to this day.
I have spent my days in stringing and in unstringing my instrument.
The time has not come true, the words have not been rightly set;
only there is the agony of wishing in my heart.
The blossom has not opened; only the wind is sighing by.
I have not seen his face, nor have I listened to his voice;
only I have heard his gentle footsteps from the road before my house.
The livelong day has passed in spreading his seat on the floor;
but the lamp has not been lit and I cannot ask him into my house.
I live in the hope of meeting with him; but this meeting is not yet.

-Rabindranath Tagore in the Gitanjali

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It is more important to understand the divine message correctly

A man with spiritual thirst, as in olden days, when a man want to find God or the truth of God will got to forest , went to forest nearby his town in search of God, search of himself with full spiritual thirst.

He was over fascinated with the beauty of the forest, with all the high enthusiasm, energy and spirits with a Goal towards reaching God, with a passion towards attaining spiritual knowledge, went a bit deep inside the forest, sat on a rock and started chanting AUM, AUM, AUM.

When he chanted for some 4 hours, his physical energy got descended and he was not able to further sit because of hunger and thirst, forgetting all his spiritual thirst, went to the town nearby, satiated his physical thirst and hunger and again came to the forest and started chanting the AUM mantra.

Again he got hungry and for nature calls, he has to cut his penance and had to abide for his physical needs and this was continuing for some 3 or 4 days.

On the 5th day he decided to go a bit deep in to the forest, so that he may have more peace when he goes more inside (or more inside himself).

When he reached the middle of the forest, he saw a healthy fox, but the fox's all four legs were cut, but still the fox seem to be in a healthy condition, the seeker was so amazed and started to continue his penance for spiritual thirst, but suddenly he heard the growl of the lion, the spiritual seeker got scared and climbed up a tree.

The lion carried a big piece of meat in its mouth and it offered the meat to the fox, the man up on the tree was watching this , went goosy and was so delighted, he was happy because, he thought, he got a divine message from God stating” if there is a lion to feed the lame fox, then God will make some arrangement to feed him also”.

Thinking this way, he started doing his penance continually, but day by day he went weaker and the seeker was down on the 7th day without any food and water.

There was a hermit, passed by his way and stood by the seeker and asked what happened and why he was in this condition, the seeker explained the whole story and told God had not fed him till date.

The yogi laughed at the seeker and told him, Go made you watch the scene for you to get the message from the Generous lion and nor from the pitiable fox.

The seeker thus got the real message from God.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Short Story: 1,2,3,4,5…..

The dust had spread enormously on the streets, as the day before was raining cats and dogs and corporation dumped mud to level the road. Since the roads got dried and there was a mild wind around, the work of the headless corporation became ineffective.

There was a small hut near the corner of the road and little Hari was playing in the slush not listening to his Mom’s call. The little fellow was so imbibed in to the work and was dumb to his Mom’s repeated calls.

What so connectedly he was doing?

Hari studied for 3 years in a government school near his house, so 1st standard was his basic education. But now he is 8 years, he was not sent to school as the family’s daily wage was not even enough for food one time a day. His Mom play different roles in a day at different houses nearby, in one house as a maidservant, other house as a gardener, other house as a caretaker of a old grandma. The old grandma was a Math teacher in a school and Hari liked the old lady very much, more than his mom Hari was her caretaker, his mom will do all basic and necessity help for the old lady and she will go. As the old lady cannot walk by herself, Hari will help her in everything for the rest of the day.

How they spend their time daily? The old lady each day will teach him math, will tell stories about all great mathematicians, and will tell how math is important in one’s life. This made Hari to start like the subject a lot.

What he was doing with the slush even not responding to his Mom’s call? The little fellow’s index finger was writing
97 * 94 = (7* 4 = 28, 2 carry, 9*4 = 36, 9*7=63, 36+63+2= 101, 10 carry, 9*9=81, 81+10=91) 9118

A guy who had never even finished his first standard, how he was able to perform these complex calculations?

It was because of the Grandma, Hari learnt math quickly. Hari will not revise anything, he will always work. The paper will be the mud or slush nearby his house and the pencil will be his index finger.

Because of repeated writing on mud and slush Hari’s little fingers got infected and all the fingers were rolled with bandage.

Hari’s mom strictly warned him not to write on mud/slush more else his fingers will be amputated from his hands and he can never write, fearing his Mom’s word Hari was much dejected and was not able to overcome the sadness that he cannot write, seeing the condition of Hari, his Mom promised him that, she will buy him a note and pencil, but he have to wait for a week.

Hari jumped with Joy, but he have to wait for a week. The little fellow was very intelligent, now he started doing all the arithmetic stuffs mentally.

When he went near a shop, he saw some 100+ books piled on a bench and there was a figure 15 Rs written on the book. Hari loved to count and calculate. His brain performed like a super computer. He started counting the number of books, in a minute he counted and calculated, he said to himself, there are 114 books and 15 Rs each, so the cost of the lot is 114*15 = 1710, now it took him very less time to calculate. Just in a minute, the kid of 8 years, who had education only till 1st standard, performed some 2 digit multiplication with some counting in a minute. But this was not so amazing to the kid.

The kid was thinking, why not the owner directly sell the book, how these people are profited as the book is sold for the retail price, Hari more in to thinking left the place.

Day by day his counting power increased, he counted the number of vehicles on the road for a distance of 10 meters, he counted number of birds on tress, he counted number of houses in the street, and he counted number of planes fly on a day and average for a week, month and year.

Everyday hari while sleeping starts counting from one and will finish in some 99,000 to 1, 00,000. He will go to his bed at around 10.00 ‘o’ clock and he will finish counting by 12.00 clock. On an average he counts 12-14 numbers a second.

That morning, Hari woke up soon, and was walking in his street, counting the birds and vehicles and calculating the average for that particular time and for the whole day.

It was 4.00 ‘o’ clock rainy Sunday morning. Normally at that time, the paper merchants will start distributing the newspapers across shops, before that they will segregate the papers according to a shop’s want, a shop may say, they need 30 Hindu, 25 Times of India, 20 Tamil magazines, and 25 pocket novels and so on. For this the paper merchant will hire some boys who will count and segregate the papers accordingly. That day none of the boys turned up till 4.30, Hari was watching the angry paper merchant and approached him and said that he will help him.

The paper merchant mocked at Hari and ridiculed him whether he knows count. Hari was not abased at his scorn and pestered him to trust him one time as he knows well to count. The merchant was not convinced, but still yielded and told him, okay you start doing the work and once the guys had come he can give up the place.

Hari was happy to the core as he was very confident at his power of counting and went inside the room. There were 1000’s of papers and magazines piled. The merchant sat near him to watch him as he dint trust the boy fully and he may meddle with the work.

Hari started the work around 4.40 Am and completed the work at sharp 5.20 AM. He did 10 guys 2 hours work in half an hour, the merchant was dumbfounded at his work, but it was not so difficult for Hari who can count a Lakh in 2 hours, counting 1000’s in half an hour was not a big deal for him.

The paper merchant flabbergasted gave him 200 Rs, the amount that he would have given to the hired guys.

That was Hari’s first salary, at an age of eight, with an education only till 1st standard, was able to earn 200 Rs in half an hour.

Hari, getting motivated and encouraged, went to the nearby shop got a note and pencil for 20 Rs and walked home thinking about his Mom’s happy face when he give the 180 Rs to her.

The paper merchant was still looking at the boy and was thinking about Hari’s successful future as a big mathematician and decided to bring visibility to the little kid’s power. 

If there is will yes there is a way!

Always I have the passion for writing, any thoughts that come to my mind, I wish I had that written. I soon gave more thoughts on my writin...