Sunday, January 2, 2011

It is more important to understand the divine message correctly

A man with spiritual thirst, as in olden days, when a man want to find God or the truth of God will got to forest , went to forest nearby his town in search of God, search of himself with full spiritual thirst.

He was over fascinated with the beauty of the forest, with all the high enthusiasm, energy and spirits with a Goal towards reaching God, with a passion towards attaining spiritual knowledge, went a bit deep inside the forest, sat on a rock and started chanting AUM, AUM, AUM.

When he chanted for some 4 hours, his physical energy got descended and he was not able to further sit because of hunger and thirst, forgetting all his spiritual thirst, went to the town nearby, satiated his physical thirst and hunger and again came to the forest and started chanting the AUM mantra.

Again he got hungry and for nature calls, he has to cut his penance and had to abide for his physical needs and this was continuing for some 3 or 4 days.

On the 5th day he decided to go a bit deep in to the forest, so that he may have more peace when he goes more inside (or more inside himself).

When he reached the middle of the forest, he saw a healthy fox, but the fox's all four legs were cut, but still the fox seem to be in a healthy condition, the seeker was so amazed and started to continue his penance for spiritual thirst, but suddenly he heard the growl of the lion, the spiritual seeker got scared and climbed up a tree.

The lion carried a big piece of meat in its mouth and it offered the meat to the fox, the man up on the tree was watching this , went goosy and was so delighted, he was happy because, he thought, he got a divine message from God stating” if there is a lion to feed the lame fox, then God will make some arrangement to feed him also”.

Thinking this way, he started doing his penance continually, but day by day he went weaker and the seeker was down on the 7th day without any food and water.

There was a hermit, passed by his way and stood by the seeker and asked what happened and why he was in this condition, the seeker explained the whole story and told God had not fed him till date.

The yogi laughed at the seeker and told him, Go made you watch the scene for you to get the message from the Generous lion and nor from the pitiable fox.

The seeker thus got the real message from God.

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