Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Short Story: The old man and the rod

Everyday in the morning, the Old man will go to the school, stand near the school gate, watch all the children rushing with hurry-bury. The old man at most all the time will stand near the gate. Again in the evening he will go near the school gate and keep standing their till the school becomes empty.

Daily the old man walks atleast for nearly 100 times from his place to school. The school was just adjacent to his house.

Sometimes the old man becomes very restless and edgy and sometimes he will be very silent and calm.

One fine morning, the old man became very restless and swiftly reached the school gate. He was seeing all the children with a sulky face, and stood there till the afternoon. Again in the evening, he came near the gate and watched the children enjoying Ice-creams and chocolates, now he was bit agitated and charged up. 

When the evening bell rang, the old man came near the gate, now he was not scowling but a bit surreptitious. He stood behind the gate and concealed himself from the children’s eye. He watched till the crowd waned.

The watchman closed the gate and went inside. Now the old man stealthily opened the door, secretly sneaked inside the school premises and crept slowly. He came near the principal’s room and sneaked inside to check for the principal lady. The lady was not there in the front room. He slowly entered inside the principal’s room and searched for her inside.

The old man heaved a sigh relief when he found the lady sitting in the library and drowned in to a book, he came near the door, took the big iron rod that was lying near the door.
The old man with the big iron rod came near the lady, confirmed that she will not take her sight from the book even the building collapses. He slowly went near the lady, stopped behind her and stepped out of the back door behind her.

When he came out of the back door, he was delighted at the sight he saw, he jumped to sky and went near the bell, rang the bell for many times till he was satiated, alarming the principal and others that the mad bell man came in again.

The bell man loved his job very much, but was not able to continue his job because his brain was affected due to the enormous bell sound.
And after the bellman’s incident the school installed an automatic electric bell and there was no more Bell man in the school.

If there is will yes there is a way!

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