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Vinayagar Agaval Revelation

Vinayagar agaval is chanted on Lord Ganesha, the agaval was sung by tamil poetess Avaiyar. This composition consists of esoteric values and meaning of our existence and the knowledge one has to seek in his/her life time.

All of us at home knew this composition on finger tips. Though the composition is in Tamil, all the lines are flooded with transcendental knowledge, and one cannot understand by just reciting it.

In this blog I tried to reveal the meaning of Vinayagar agaval with some search from internet and other sources and of course Ganesha is one of the sources.

For a long time, I had this desire to write something about Vinayagar agaval, I strived to give a good meaning, the ecstasy and meaning acquired by me at the grace of My Ganesha.

The composition can’t be unfolded in two or three pages of writing and it contains the words of wisdom and gems of knowledge and the real essence of knowledge will be acquired only through lord Ganesha’s grace.

Now let us drink the nectar of the divine composition - Vinayagar Agaval 

Seetha kallabha chenthamaraippum
Paatha chilambhu pala isai paada

The Lotus feet of Ganesha having the color of red hibiscus, and which is besmeared with cool sandal is adorned by anklets, sings various songs.

Hindus have the tradition of praying the Lord’s feet and resting at the Lords feet.

The presence of God is felt on earth through his Imprints of the foot on the earth.

The cool sandal paste besmeared leg with a color of red hibiscus flower is referred to the Mooladhara.

Lord Ganesha sits at the gate of the Mooladhara, which is considered as the gate of the earth and protects us from the lower Chakra which is considered as Hell in Hindu Philosophy.

Anklets sing many notes which are referred as the sound of the universe or the sound which is the primordial sound that is only heard when the universe begin and end. The sound represents the vibrations of the universe.

Pon araignanum poonthugil aadayum
Vanna marungil valarindu azhakerippa
Pezhai vayirum, perum para kodum
Vezha mugamum vilangu chindooramum

The golden waist belt and his clothes as soft as flower shine like beautiful colors in the rainbow.

Elephant face symbolizes wisdom, purity and intelligence and the white elephant is the symbol of purity and luck. The birth of a white elephant is said to bring period of plentitude and prosperity to the nation.

His stomach is the personification of materials in the world, the manifestations of the universe is the body of this Portly God.

Anju karamum angusa pasamum
Nenjil kudi konda neela meniyum
Naandra Vaayum naliru puyamum
Moondru kannum Mumatha chuvadum
Irandu sevyum ilangu pon mudyum
Thiranda muppiri nool thigazh oli maarbum
Chor padam kadantha thurya mey gnana
Arpudham nindra karpaga kalire

Five hands, the goad and the noose (pasangusam), the blue body dwelling in my heart, the nodding jaws, four mighty shoulders, 3 eyes and the 3 required marks, 2 ears, the gold crown gleaming, the breast glowing with triple threads, the abode of turiya knowledge, wish yielding elephant born for the master of Mount Kailasa.

Five hands of Vinayaka consist of his four hands plus his tusk which is curved in the form of sacred symbol Aum.

The motion of the hand symbolizes the three activities – creation, protection and destruction.

Vinayaka is the wish yielding elephant that will bestows success and averts the obstacles and calamities.

Vinayaka is customarily invoked at the beginning of new enterprise and for guidance towards worldly matters.

Mupazham nugarum Mooshiga Vaagana
Ipozhuthu ennai aat kola vendi
Thayai enaku than ezhundhu aruli
Mayay piravi mayakam aruthu

Vinayaga rides on the mouse and eat three fruits, now take me as yours. The goal of the Hindu principle is to born, die and merges with God and Ganesha like a mother, who holds the universe in his womb, cuts the umbilical cord that binds the body and the material world.

Thirundhiya mudhal aiynthu ezhthum thelivai
Porunthave vandhu en ulam thanil pugunthu
Guru vadivaagi kuvalayam thanil
Thiruvadi vaithu thiramidhu porulena
Vaada vagaithan magizhthenakku aruli
Kodayuthatal kodu vinai kalainthu

Lord Ganesha entered in my heart, gave the subtle knowledge and imprinted the 5 letter word OM Nama Sivaya in my heart, who had stepped in to the world as a Guru and made me realize the true Happiness of the unfading life.

The glance or Darshan of the God which is an unfailing weapon had put an end to my heinous sins.

Vinayagar is the God of knowledge and the foremost teacher on the spiritual path.

Uvata ubadesam pugati en seviyil
Tevitadha gnyana thelivayum kaati
Iym pulam thanai adakum ubayam
Inburi karunai inithenaku aruli
Karuvigal odungum karuthinai arivithu
Iru vinai thanai aruthu irul kalainthu
Thalamoru Naangum thanthena karuli
Mala moru moondrin mayakam aruthu
Onbatu vaayil oru mandhirathaal
Iym pula kadhavai adaipathum kaati
Aaratharathu angusa nilayum

U poured in my ear the un cloying gnana and gave me the clarity of pure awareness, gave me your sweet grace to control my five senses and taught me how to still the organs, broke my twofold karma and chased away my darkness and through your grace gave me place for me in all four states of salvation, dissolved the illusion of triple filth, taught me how to shut the five sense gates of the nine door body and fixed me in the six yogic centers.

Lord Ganesha gave me the clarity of the pure awareness that will be the object of meditation, the pure awareness is the knowledge of Turya – Turya is the fourth state of awareness, where there is no difference of subject and object and the thought of I, though the state can see everything – that is the pure awareness which is the object of meditation.

The process of meditation evolves the shutting down of all senses and awakening of chakras, the five senses acting in through the nine door temples will shut at his grace.

The triple filths are egoism, illusion and Karma. The two fold karmas are the karma due to the past birth and karma accumulated in the current birth.

The six yogic chakras which are above Mooladhara or the abode of Vinayaga which is the dividing point of lower and higher worlds

Pera niruthi pechurai aruthe
Idai pingalayin ezhuthu arivithu
Kadayin suzhu munai kabalamum kaati
Moondru mandalathin mutya thoonin
Nandrezhu paambin naavil unarthi
Kundali adanil koodiya asabai
Vindezhu mandiram velipada uraithu
Moola tharathu moondrezhu kanalai
Kaalal ezhupum karuthu arivithu

Stilled my speech, taught me the alphabets of Idai, Pingalai nadi, shown me the end of circle’s is in the skull of the head, after making me to realize the snake which hangs at the junction of the three world, whose tongue sink and soars the forces of the three bright spheres of sun, moon and fire, the mantra asleep in the snake, uttered to me, imparted to me, how to raise the mooladhara through the skill of breath control.

You showed me the silence at kundalini, shown me the raging fire of Mooladhara and told me how to wake it up.

The body consists of 7 chakras they are

Muladhara Base or Root Chakra (ovaries/prostate)
Swadhisthana Sacral Chakra (last bone in spinal cord, the coccyx)
Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra (navel area)
Anahata Heart Chakra (heart area)
Vishuddha Throat Chakra (throat and neck area)
Ajna Brow or Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland or third eye)
Sahasrara Crown Chakra (Top of the head; 'Soft spot' of a newborn)

The Energy Rivers of the body are idai and pingala, the kundalini energy source is symbolized as coilded snake at the base of the spine.

The rise of kundalini – its sinking and soaring will be achieved through pranayamam. Pranayama is an important yogic technique to awaken kundalini.

Amudha nilayamum adhithan iyakkamum
Kumudha sagayamum gunathayum koori
Idai chakarathin irettu nilayam
Udar chakarathin urupayum kaati
Shanmuga thoolamum chatur muga sookshamum
En mugamaga inithenaku aruli
Puryata kayam pulapada ennaku
Theryatta nilayam darisana paduthi
Karuthinil kabala vayul kaati
Iruthi mukthi inithenakku aruli
Ennai arivithu enakarul seytha
Munnai vinnayin mudalai kalainthu
Vaakum manamum illa manolayam
Thekiye endhan sinthai thelivithu
Irul veli irandirkku ondridam yenna
Arul tharum aanandhathai azhuthi en seviyil
Ellai illa aananthan alithu
Allal kalainthu arul vazhi kaati

Ganesha revealed me the deathless state, the position and the movement of the sun, the charm and properties of the moon.

The lotus friend, thought me the sixteen states of the chakras, showed me the position of the wheels in my body. Sweetly thought me the secrets of shanmuga – six faced form and the meaning of subtle four faces and made me clear the eight subtle principles or eight modes of being which is the eight sidhis are attained through the awakening of kundalini and made me see the real meaning of these and shown me the gateway to skull which is the Mukthi.

Told me that the salvation is sweet, revealed myself to me and by your grace, I swept away my accumulated karma, stilled my mind in tranquil and calm beyond speech and thought , clarified my intellect and plunged me in bliss which is common ground of light and darkness.

Ganesha gave me the unlimited happiness by pouring the ecstasy in my ear, removed all the problems and showed me the way of grace.

Sathathin ulle sada sivam kaati
Sidhathin ulle siva lingam kaati
Anu virku anuvai Appalukku appalaai
Kanu mutri nindra karumbule kaati
Vedamum neerum vilanga niruthi
Koodum mei thondar kuzhathudan kooti
Anja karathin arum porul thanil
Nenja karathin nilai arivithu
Thathuva nilayai thanthu yennai aanda
Vithaga vinayaga viraikazhal charane charane charane.

Ganesha showed me the lord Shiva in the sound of AUM, shown me Shiva linga in mind, shown me atom within atom and distance beyond distance, in the joints of well ripened sugar cane.

Ganesha clarified me the Vedas and the sacred ash, made me feel the oneness with the crowd of devotees, clarified me the principle essence of the 5 letter word AUM NAMA SHIVAYA, and showed me what the state of mind is, showed me the philosophical essences and ruled me forever.

My wise vinayaka, I ever seek refuge in you Lotus feet.


  1. thank you sridevi for the nice english translation. Paramacharya has always advised children and people to chant this.

  2. this is really good. do you have tamil version of this?

  3. Nice English translation & very useful for the children to memorize with clear understanding

  4. Thank you. S implement and clear meaning


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